Our Meals On Wheels menu is as follows:


Beef Stew, Yorkshire Pudding & Mash Potatoes.

On Mondays we cook a simple beef stew using only the best butchers stewing steak with only peas and carrots.

It is thickened with rich gravey and and stewed to perfection served and in a large Yorkshire pudding with our luxury mash potato and great beans.


Roast chicken, Seasonal Vegetables & Potatoes.

On Tuesdays we offer a succulent chicken breast cooked to order.

Served with our luxury mash potato leaks carrots and broccoli, accompanied with a flavorsome stuffing Ball smothered in rich gravy.


Pie, Seasonal Vegetables, Chips or Mash.

We offer a choice of either steak pie or mince and onion the steak pie is made from the butchers choice stewing steak.  

Thickened with our rich gravy topped with a shortcrust pastry the mince and onion pie is made as a plate pie consisting of a shortcrust top and bottom. Filled with the finest mince and onion thickened with our rich gravy.  

Both served with luxury mash potato mushy peas and carrots.


Braising Steak, Potatoes, Peas & Carrots.

On Thursday we serve braising steak slowly cooked to offer a tender piece of meat that melts in your mouth.

This is served with a small Yorkshire pudding garden peas and carrots topped with fried onions and rich gravy.


 Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas is the Friday Special Dinner.


Roast Pork, Stuffing, Seasonal Vegetables & Mashed Potatoes.

Our Saturdays pork is a favorite among pork lovers served along side our luxury mash potato carrots green beans and broccoli with stuffing and gravy.


Our Sunday roast beef dinner is by far the most popular consisting of the beat cut of beef, mash potato  roast potatoes, cabbage, carrots, and cauliflower.  

Served with rich meaty gravy and Yorkshire pudding

*Sunday dinners must be ordered on Saturdays to allow for preparation time.

The desert menu (any day) is as follows:

Apple Crumble with Custard

Our 3 layer apple crumble consists of a bottom layer or diced apples a middle layer of custard topped with a thick layer of crumble to give this favorite the beat taste.

Strawberry or Toffee Cheese Cake

Our homemade cheesecakes are made with fresh cream and luxurious soft cheese.

Blended together with toffee flavoring on a bed of digestive biscuit topped off with chocolate sprinkles and toffee sauce.

Rice Pudding

Our rice puddings come with a choice of either plain or with jam.

Our jam choices are strawberry, raspberry or blackcurrant.

These are available every day and must be booked by 10am on the day you would like them. 

They are all priced at £2 and are only available with a main course.


Please speak to a member of staff about the ingredients in our dishes before placing your order.

We follow good hygiene practices in our kitchen however, whilst a dish may not identify a specific allergen as an actual ingredient, due to the wide range of ingredients used in our kitchen, foods may be at risk of cross contamination by other ingredients.  Please ask our staff for further information.